The Chemistry Department supports the school's mission statement to welcome all members of the community and strive for excellence in delivering holistic
educational services and supports based on the principles of respect, co-
operation and partnership.

The general aim of education is to contribute towards the development of all aspects of the individual, including aesthetic, creative, critical, cultural,
emotional, expressive, intellectual, for personal and home life, for working life,
for living in the community and for leisure.

The Leaving Certificate Chemistry programme in Coláiste na Carraige is
presented within this general aim, with a particular emphasis on the preparation
of students for the requirements of further education or training, for
employment and for their role as participative, enterprising citizens.

The Leaving Certificate Chemistry programme in Coláiste na Carraige is to
provide continuity with and progression from the Junior Certificate Science

Science education in the senior cycle in Coláiste na Carraige reflects the
changing needs of students and the growing significance of science for strategic development in Ireland.

The Leaving Certificate Chemistry syllabuse in Coláiste na Carraige is designed
to incorporate the following components:

 Science for the enquiring mind or pure science, to include the principles,
procedures and concepts of the subject as well as its cultural and
historical aspects

 Science for action or the applications of science and its interface with

 Science that is concerned with issues, including political, social and economic, of concern to citizens.

The three components are integrated within each science syllabus, with the first
component having a 70% weighting. The remaining 30% should be allocated to
the other two components in the ratio 3 to 1.

In Coláiste na Carraige the Chemistry syllabus is offered at two levels, Higher
and Ordinary. Students opting for Chemistry have approximately 180 hours of class contact time over a two-year period.

Teaching of Chemistry at Coláiste na Carraige is practical and experiment

At Coláiste na Carraige Chemistry is an optional Leaving Certificate subject. Class sizes are capped at
24 students and our facilities include two well equipped laboratories as well as ancillary support facilities.

There is one Chemistry teacher: Dr. Doherty. 

Students may access additional resources by following the link below: