Pastoral Care

Students of Coláiste supporting LGBT students during Stand Up Week

Pastoral Care and Student Support is taken as a whole school responsibility by engaging parents, students and all staff members. The essence of the policy is to 'promote the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of students', as stipulated in The Education Act (1998). We hope that all students will find in our school an atmosphere which encourages the equal recognition of all abilities. We aim to develop each student’s particular talents. We believe in the benefits of a well ordered and structured school environment in which students may experience guidance and care from those in authority and may also find opportunities to make a positive contribution to their own education.

Aims of Student Support in Coláiste na Carraige:

  • To promote the overall welfare of the school.
  • To promote high self esteem.
  • To acknowledge and support each person’s role in the school community.
  • To encourage parents to have an active role in the education of their children.
  • To help students to strive to achieve their best at all levels.
  • To encourage the development of individual talents.
  • To provide a warm and caring environment for all.
  • Collaborative leadership and clarity of policies, roles, responsibilities and tasks.

While every staff member has a pastoral dimension to his/her role we recognise that certain people fulfil key roles in this area. They include Class Tutors, Year Heads and the Pastoral Care Core Team. The Core Team consists of: Student Support Coordinator, Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Coordinator, Guidance Counsellor, Special Educational Needs (SEN) Coordinator, Principal and Deputy Principal. This team has been set up, taking into consideration the NEPS publication ‘Student Support Teams in PostPrimary Schools’(2014).

Coláiste na Carraiges full Pastoral Care and Student Support Policy can be found here.